I was born and i live in Brittany, a wild, magical, wonderful  Country   with  which i feel  deeply  in  communion with.

I am by nature, imaginative  and  indépendent.  I have  been  passionate  by drawing  and  painting  from  my  earliest

childhood. I  worked  for 16  years as  graphic  designer  in advertising.  I  later specialised  in decorative and  trompe l'oeil painting  (I have got a diploma from Guegan Institute).  I make various  imitations : wood,  marble, stone, patine, painted  furniture,  as well as  scenery :  ancient frescoes,  landscapes, ... and  sea beds  which I like particularey.

I realise this in oil and acrylic on various supports :  Walls, Wood,  Canevas ... on order !

My other favourite subject is animal painting. I could not tell which of drawing  or animal painting I first felt a passion for  these  passions  date back to my early childhood,  so I just simply expressed  my love for nature, animals  and drawing  in specialising in Hyperrealistic painting of animals. Whether Wild or domestic lion or kitten.  I'am fascinated by the grace and elegance of their movements and the vividn'ess of their  eyes.

I work daintily with a very thin brush and acrylic paint on canvas. I want to reproduce hair by hair the smoothness of the animal fur  "when  painting an animal  I always start by its eyes, and paint it true to life. I  which people to  feel  it sole, to like and respect it ". Before all it is for me a way off expressing my dedication to and my total communion with the animal.

I find inspiration in my memories of journeys through Europe - Africa - America and Asia, but also in images stored in my visits to zoological parks or from reading books and magazines.

My painting are exhibited in Galleries. I also realise pictures of pets on order. Don't hesitate to get in touch with me.

  • I also painted a portrait on your "Pet Companies" (after photos) : dogs, cats, birds, ... to order !
  • Painting Classes : in my workshop in St. Brieuc (if needed at home.
  • In the form of Internships : Theme 3/ 5 days ( 7 am / day)
  • Other Current formula : Individual and Collective or the year.